Race to Sunset – Race Director Opportunity Available

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Just wanted to get the word out that Race to Sunset 2010 was my last as director/participant.  It’s been an excellent six year run, with great support from friends and family along the way, but my time has come to step aside.

As expected, the search for a new director is underway, though there have been no takers since last week’s annoucement via email.  If this something you would like to consider, please contact me at liebigs@bis.midco.net.  It’s a fun – though demanding – volunteer activity that has huge rewards (related, almost entirely, to the great people you get to meet).  Additionally, there’s a decent template to work with, committed support from key sponsors (Epic Sports, Ressler-Subaru, Hammer Nutrition, Eyes on Parkway, etc.), and a strong following of repeat participants and volunteers.  I consider this to be a great opportunity for someone to build upon what is already an excellent event.

For what it’s worth, I will gladly provide advice/consultation as needed recognizing that this event will need to evolve beyond what it has become to be sustainable.  So, it’ll be advice/consultation for what we’ve done, not what the event could become.  That’s the challenge/opportunity for the next director.

Thanks for considering, and please don’t hesitate to contact me about this opportunity.  We’ll want to have someone lined up by late summer if RTS is to happen in 2011.

Mark Liebig


RTS 2010 – Photos Posted

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Photos from Saturday’s endurance event can be found through Picasa Web Albums by clicking the URL appended below.  Thanks to Steve Tibke for some most excellent photography.



RTS 2010 – SlowRace Winner

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Congratulations to Nick Ybarra for winning this year’s SlowRace.  14:28 is a new record.  Most impressive!

Nick and Fernando duel it out to the end.

RTS 2010 – HotLap Times Posted

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Congratulations to all participants for the exceptionally fast lap times this year.  Our winner, Kelly Magelky, bested his time from last year by a whopping 41 seconds.  Amazing!

A post on the SlowRace is forthcoming…

Race to Sunset: Endurance Mountain Bike Festival
June 11-12, 2010
Sleepy Hollow Park, Bismarck, ND
Start list – Hotlap (6/11/10)
Name Race
Last First number Lap time
Levander Ryan 230 0:14:55
Monson Jeff 251 0:17:04
Bales Fernando 73 0:15:57
Redenius Nicklaus 72 0:15:59
Ybarra Nick 284 0:14:12
Easton Ian 290 0:14:07
Hoffman Matt 262 0:15:52
Engen Kyle 292 0:17:13
Struchynski John 70 0:14:20
Johnson Zach 71 0:15:03
Wenzel Matthew 80 0:13:41
Wenzel Steve 81 0:13:59
Belz Rob 82 0:14:16
Engen Matthew 83 0:14:28
Cooper Linda 219 0:17:19
Morgan John 60 0:13:13
Lahtinen Sydney 61 0:13:31
Weisgerber Jon 62 0:13:51
Bergan Chad 280 0:14:38
Kemmesat Collin 41 0:13:30
Beattie Brian 43 0:13:40
Magelky Kelly 282 0:12:13

RTS 2010 – Another Great Year

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I hope this email finds you well on your way to recovering from yesterday’s race/ride.  It was quite an effort (2139 miles, cumulative), with some screaming fast lap times.  Great job!

For a complete breakdown of the day’s results, please see the Pickle Events website at http://onlineraceresults.com/event/view_event.php?event_id=5040.  Split and cumulative times are listed for each solo rider and team in the order they finished.

Wrapping up, I’d like to again thank our sponsors (Epic Sports, Ressler-Subaru, BlackRidge Bank, Eyes on Parkway, Dakota Physical Therapy, Bismarcks Parks and Rec, and Hammer Nutrition), a great group of volunteers (Tibke family, Tran Doan, Steven and Katrina Wilke, Mike Davis, Charlene Kemmesat, and Susan and Sarah Liebig), our timers (Jake, Arial, and Gus Krohn), and you for making RTS part of your 2010 race/ride schedule.

 Have a great summer!

Best regards,

Mark Liebig

RTS 2010 – It’s up to you

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Location: Sleepy Hollow Park, Bismarck, ND

Participants: It’s…

Completed laps: …up…

Mileage: …to…

Mileage/rider: …you.

RTS 2009 – 12 hr becomes the new 10 hr

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Shortened the race by two hours in 2009 so we wouldn’t have to finish dinner in the dark.  It was a welcome change (at least for the volunteers).  Also added a new wrinkle on Friday evening with a ‘Slow Race’.

Location: Sleepy Hollow Park, Bismarck, ND

Participants: 97

Completed laps: 605

Mileage: 2300 miles

Mileage/rider: 23.7 miles